A unique global service specialising in the science and technology of colour

Colour services

With the emphasis very much on ‘service’, Expertas combines scientific know-how with a hands-on approach to problem-solving. Let Expertas take you beyond the science and technology to a place where informed decision-making will underpin successful new product development …

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Colour markets

Expertas is flexible enough to provide colour consultancy solutions for a wide range of market sectors including automotive, design and architecture. Click the link to find out how we apply an in-depth knowledge of paint and pigment technology to provide customised, commercial and cost-effective answers to all your colour questions …

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Colour science

No matter how complex the problem, Expertas will never blind you with science. Rather, we will work with your team to make sure you benefit from our in-depth scientific and technological knowledge, without the intrusion of jargon, formulae or techno-speak!

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Welcome to the Expertas Global website

International Colour Consultants for a wide range of production platforms where paint and pigments – the techniques and the technology – are catalysts for commercial success.

In just a few short years, the founder of Expertas, Dr Trevor Sayer, has developed a successful UK-based colour consultancy that draws hugely on his expertise and experience in the paints and pigments industries. The approach of Expertas is rooted very much in the real world. Although based on rigorous scientific knowledge with a healthy commercial perspective, the company is innovative yet direct in its problem-solving approach.

Expertas is global in its outlook and reach with a local focus that addresses the specific needs of small groups of people who may nevertheless be responsible for manufacturing and marketing on a large scale.

Colour consultancy based on team-work…

Expertas have become an effective commercial force by combining scientific, technological and practical skills with our clients’ teams of production and marketing specialists.

The unique skills of Expertas are centred on our problem-solving capacity to identify the most suitable paint or pigment and then applying it to a particular substrate as required.

In short, Expertas combine science with common sense, technological know-how with a creative yet commercially-aware approach that can envisage a design prototype in its ultimate marketing context.

Expertas has worked with some of the world’s leading specialists in taking products to market. With a world-wide perspective on design-led colour solutions, make sure you make Expertas your first-choice resource for expert colour consultancy.