A unique global service specialising in the science and technology of colour

Expertas understand the importance of colour in our decision to buy a car. We know the importance of colour trends and keeping ahead of the curve. We know that in an increasingly global industry, regional and global colour data is vital for automotive designers and the commercial success of their companies’ models.

We’re talking about all aspects of a car’s aesthetics – from the bodywork to its upholstery and interior trim. The so-called ‘haptics’ of a car – what it really feels like as part of the total driving experience – is no longer just a buzzword. Integrated design elements are what makes the automotive world go round.

Expertas can advise on colour trends and that all-important link between shape and colour. We know all about colour matching to achieve original finishes and novel effects such as liquid metal, high colour travel and flop effects - as well as ‘greener’ pigment alternatives.

Expertas have worked extensively on colour matching across different substrate types – metal, plastic and fabric. And we can provide essential guidance on optimising the ‘psycho-physical’ aspects of colour to achieve the desired design impact.

Expertas are committed to your success

Although our range of colour consultancy services have similarities across various sectors, the tailor-made solutions provided by Expertas always take into account the differences between markets – and clients within the same sector.

So what does that tell you about us?

  1. Every client can expect our total commitment to providing aesthetic, practical and cost-effective commercial solutions through the science and application of colour
  2. Our understanding of colour science, technology and marketing as they apply to any company in any sector provides the peace of mind you need for projects which often have far-reaching consequences for your organisation
  3. Flexibility deriving from in-depth knowledge (and how to apply it) will deliver better, customised solutions through committed business partnerships.

For more details about the ways Expertas can apply its colour consultancy services to your particular market, contact us today.