A unique global service specialising in the science and technology of colour

When it comes to buying clothes, cars or household items, we’re influenced hugely by colour. That’s why manufacturers are increasingly using colour to differentiate their goods – and why they’re finally getting serious about the science of colour!

  • As a passionate scientist, the founder of Expertas, Dr Trevor Sayer, has a deep understanding of the physics of colour. It’s essential in the measurement and quality control of pigments and coatings.
  • Dr Sayer also recognises how statistical colour tolerancing can be used to define test capabilities and speed up the quality approval of high performance products.
  • An understanding of the colloid science of pigment dispersion enables Expertas to solve practical formulation and costly dispersion stability issues which affect performance.
  • Expertas has vast experience of scaling-up laboratory experiments to the pilot stage and then on to commercial manufacturing using leaner modelling.
  • An understanding of the practical development of high performance pigment dispersion technology enables Expertas to generate novel nanoscale colours.

Colour consultancy based on team-work…

Expertas have become an effective commercial force by combining scientific, technological and practical skills with our clients’ teams of production and marketing specialists.

The unique skills of Expertas are centred on our problem-solving capacity to identify the most suitable paint or pigment and then applying it to a particular substrate as required.

In short, Expertas combine science with common sense, technological know-how with a creative yet commercially-aware approach that can envisage a design prototype in its ultimate marketing context.

Expertas has worked with some of the world’s leading specialists in taking products to market. With a world-wide perspective on design-led colour solutions, make sure you make Expertas your first-choice resource for expert colour consultancy.