A unique global service specialising in the science and technology of colour

Insight borne of experience and knowledge is key to the colour consultancy services provided by Expertas. Sound professional advice is priceless.

This applies at every stage from initial research and development right through to the physical form in which the pigment is supplied to the consumer market.

The pigment used to colour paint, ink or plastic represents a major cost component of that formulation. It’s essential therefore that the correct pigment choice is made to achieve the best product performance, customer satisfaction and profit margins.

Expertas have a total understanding of pigment technology. This includes an extensive knowledge of global pigment suppliers together with the technical and commercial capabilities of the pigments themselves. We have an in depth knowledge of environment – friendly technologies and associated consumer trends. These innovations may require the use of certain pigments which ensures sustainability for the future. Expertas has the skills and expertise to guide the client to the optimum solution to meet these criteria.

When you add to this our wide experience of the cost-effective formulation and practical application of pigment pre-dispersion technologies – dry or liquid formats, solvent-borne or water-borne - you have a powerful starting point for your strategic colour policy.

Expertas are committed to your success

Although our range of colour consultancy services have similarities across various sectors, the tailor-made solutions provided by Expertas always take into account the differences between markets – and clients within the same sector.

So what does that tell you about us?

  1. Every client can expect our total commitment to providing aesthetic, practical and cost-effective commercial solutions through the science and application of colour
  2. Our understanding of colour science, technology and marketing as they apply to any company in any sector provides the peace of mind you need for projects which often have far-reaching consequences for your organisation
  3. Flexibility deriving from in-depth knowledge (and how to apply it) will deliver better, customised solutions through committed business partnerships.

For more details about the ways Expertas can apply its colour consultancy services to your particular market, contact us today.